Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wear-It: V-Neck Shirt Dress

It's mid-week and one more day to the weekends. Therefore, we at the XXy feels that it is only fitting to start the "Wear-It" column. "Wear-It" is a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly, really depends how busy we are here. Sorry, working individuals *grin*) which features products from XXy that will be matched with other items from other labels. To put it simply, we want to give you an idea how you can wear XXy's products and when you can wear the ensembles to.

But, bear in mind that we are just suggesting or recommending. The ultimate result really depends at your hand and of course, what or how you'd like to wear it!

This week, we'd like to feature the V-Neck Shirtdress which is currently available at our store in 3 colours namely, Lilac, Grey and Black. It is a little see-through but to us, that is just the fun of it - we call it the "peek-a-boo effect".

The V-Neck Shirtdress

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Glam Rock Chic
Dark, goth, glam rock, whatever you call it. We want you to look like Gwen Stefani (with her rock band, No Doubt) or Pink! It is boring to be safe, no?

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Day-to-Night Chic
Wear this look for work and even after work with just a change of a belt, shoe or bag (if you could!) and make your date green with envy!

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Casual Friday
Friday is always the day where most offices are a little more casual, less rigid and more relax. But, we do not want you to dress down. Dress-up and look casual chic nonetheless ;)

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We hope you like what we have proposed and rock that V-Neck shirtdress! Oh and if you did, do not forget to email us your look. We'd love to see it and share it with our readers! :)

Meantime, visit our store for the new items posted yesterday!


Disclaimer: All the other products not belonging to XXy are available at their respective online store. We have no intention to choose expensive or branded items. We simply love the respective brands designs. Match your collection with something similar if not same.

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