Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas: Celeb "Styles"

We always look up on celebrities styles, but there are times when the ugly is truly ugly. Here are some of the celebrities fashion faux pas.

Pamela Anderson wearing her curtains out? Poor girl, the recession might have really hit her bad.

Nelly Furtado in an appaling dress that not only is not flattering, it also aged her.

I could not recognise her until I saw her name. What do you think?

Paula Abdul - nothing's wrong with her ensemble; she is just being Paula Abdul.

Kylie Minogue! Sigh ... girl, you need your model bf to check on you before you leave your house.

Taylor Momsen, better known as Little J, from Gossip Girls. So wrong, SO OLD.

Demi Goddess she ain't. She has clearly forgotten her best accessory.

Bad choice or just "screaming" for attention?

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